Simon Uppill and Hanny Allston 33rd in Middle Final

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Australia had four starters in the WOC middle final today in the Vuokatti hills. Starting near the top of Vuokatinvaara the courses had many tricky downhill legs in thick rocky forest. With many mistakes by all runners even the medalists, it provided some great entertainment for the large crowd in the arena.

Middle Final combine

Simon Uppill was our only starter in the men’s competition and he had a ‘clean run but was unsure on the long route choice he ‘found the last loop tough’ but was happy with his run. Simon placed 33rd in the Men’s final, his best middle result at WOC.  The surprise winner of the day was Leonid Novikov from Russia who beat hot favourite Theirry Gueorgiou, France and Gustav Bergman from Sweden.

In the women’s competition Jasmine Neve, 44th had an ‘average’ run while Vanessa Round 43rd missed time in the beginning and never got into her rhythm and never felt comfortable in the terrain. Hanny Allston 33rd also had trouble getting into the flow and felt exhausted in the tough forest. Simone Niggli took gold in the women’s class, ahead of Tove Alexandersson Sweden and Merja Rantanen Finland.

The action continues tomorrow with the WOC Relay.

Men – 20.55 (AEST)

Women 23.00 (AEST)