Ingwersen and Davey Australia’s best in the World Masters Sprint finals

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World Masters Orienteering Championships Sprint Final
5 August 2013

The most outstanding performers in the A sprint finals at the World Masters Orienteering Championships overnight were Ann Ingwersen of Parawanga in the ACT who was 4th in W70, only 4 seconds behind the bronze medal winner, and Debbie Davey of Waggaroos in NSW who was 12th in W55A. A big disappointment in W80A was former WMOC champion Maureen Ogilvie who clocked the 3rd fastest time on the day but was ineligible as she miss-punched in the previous day’s qualifying sprint. The best of the men were Ross Barr (Garingal), 28th in M65A, and Ron Junghans (Garingal) 29th in M70A.
In the B finals there were brilliant performances by James Lithgow (Garingal) who won M55B, with Alex Davey (Waggaroos) 16th, and by Bert Elson (Australopers), 11th in M60B.

Australian results:

A finals

M65A: 28 Ross Barr (Garingal); 44 Eric Wainwright (Red Roos)
M70A: 29 Ron Junghans (Garingal)
W50A: 34 Andrea Schiwy (Australopers)
W55A: 12 Debbie Davey (Waggaroos)
W60A: 62 Robyn Pallas (Central Coast); 70 Jan Hardy (Australopers)
W70A: 4 Ann Ingwersen (Parawanga)

B finals

M55B: 1 James Lithgow (Garingal); 16 Alex Davey (Waggaroos); 74 Larry Weiss (Garingal)
M60B: 11 Bert Elson (Australopers)
M65B: 42 James Merchant (Garingal)
M70B: 71 Frank Ingwersen (Parawanga)
W55B: 34 Maria Orr (Newcastle); 53 Gayle Shepherd (Uringa)

C finals

M60C: 40 Geoff Hudson (Nillumbik Emus); 54 Ron Pallas (Garingal)
M65C: 5 John Giles (Garingal)