Davey, Adrian, Ogilvie and Ingwersen in top 10 in second WMOC long distance qualifier

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Long Distance Qualifier 2
World Masters Orienteering Championships
Italy 8 August 2013

Debbie Davey, 3rd in W55 ht 2, Paul Adrian, 3rd in M90, Maureen Ogilvie, 7th in W80, Ann Ingwersen, 8th in W70 ht 1, Ted Van Geldermalsen, 13th in M55-2, and Ron Junghans, 17th in M70 ht 1, were the most outstanding Australian performers yesterday in the second of the 2 qualifying events for the final of the Long Distance Championship at World Masters in Italy on 10 August.

New Zealand’s Ross Brighouse had an incredible three and a half minute win in M65 heat 1 and will be a raging hot favourite in the final.

Australia’s best chances of medals in the final lie with Paul Adrian in M90 and Debbie Davey in W55. Paul Adrian just has to have a clean run to secure a medal as there are just three competitors in M90. Debbie Davey is in scintillating form in W55, running second fastest in qualifier 1 and 3rd fastest in qualifier 2.

Age group and qualifying heat number:

M55-1: 60 Larry Weiss (Garingal); M55-2: 13 Ted Van Geldermalsen (Yarra Valley), 27 Andrew McComb (OH), 41 Alex Davey (Waggaroos); M55-3: 42 James Lithgow (Garingal), 64 Peter Orr (Newcastle).
M60-1: 60 Ron Pallas (Uringa); M60-2: 53 Geoff Hudson (Nillumbik Emus); M60-3: 25 Colin Price (Central Coast); M60-4: 30 Bert Elson (Australopers).
M65-1: (1 Ross Brighouse (New Zealand)), 33 Ross Barr (Garingal), 48 Eric Wainwright (Red Roos); M65-3: 50 Dick Ogilvie (Uringa); M65-4: 51 James Merchant (Garingal).
M70-1: 17 Ron Junghans (Garingal); M70-2: 63 Frank Ingwersen (Parawanga).
M90-1: 3 Paul Adrian (Nillumbik Emus).

W55-1: 46 Margi Freemantle (Yarra Valley), 60 Maria Orr (Newcastle), 61 Gayle Shepherd (Uringa); W55-2: 3 Debbie Davey (Waggaroos), 41 Karin Hefftner (Garingal), 58 Teri McComb (OH).
W60-1: 25 Robyn Pallas (Central Coast).
W70-1: 8 Ann Ingwersen (Parawanga).
W75-1: 35 Dorothy Adrian (Nillumbik Emus).
W80-1: 7 Maureen Ogilvie (Uringa).