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The Australian MTBO team has settled into its accommodation at the preWOC training camp. The team went out yesterday for 2 training sessions.  The first, in the morning, was a sprint map on an area bordering the WOC long race.  Some of the athlete’s comments were that the small paths were sometimes very difficult to pick up at speed from main tracks.  And that the difficult marked tracks were clearly that!


The afternoon session involved riding on another nearby map to the long race.  This map contained a lot more marshes and lakes with some tracks being marked above the marshes and others being marked under the marsh.  Callum found out the hard way that the tracks marked under the blue could cause your wheel to sink past axle depth into the bog, not the best riding condition!

The next day and a half will involve three more map session before the team heads to Rakvere for WOC week.

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