MTBOWOC 2013 Sprint Race Report

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Callum startwebToday saw the opening of the 2013 MTBOWOC campaign by Callum Fagg of Australia.  Callum started the Sprint race first, for both the Australian team and also the WOC, and was presented with a challenging course both physically and mentally.  The semi urban map had small but technical network of tracks in between sections of built areas.  This proved very tough for our athletes as the offroad terrain didn’t allow for map reading as much as our athletes would have liked.

All the courses experienced a route choice near an out of bounds area which was clearly marked on map but many chose to ride through it, unintentionally or not.  This lead to quite a few disqualifications across all classes and really highlighted how intense competition can cause athletes not to interpret the map fully when under pressure.  Unfortunately for Australia one of our athletes got sucked into an illegal route choice which ultimately lead to a DQ.

Aussie FinishwebComments from Australian riders:

Tom:  A solid ride with few mistakes which cost me a bit over a minute.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

Angus:  I chose a safe route to the first control which set me up for the rest of my race.  I am happy with my first World Champs race!

Carolyn:  I navigated well but ot a bit confused int he detail so i missed a control.  But i have moved on and there is another race tomorrow.



1st Cedric Beill  France  17:38

15th Tom Goddard  Aus  20:57

24th Karl Withers  Aus  21:54

26th Angus Robinson Aus 22:23


1st Tonis Erm  Est  19:24

47th Chris Firman Aus 25:26

49th Alex Randall  Aus 25:42

55th Ricky Thackray Aus  28:13

DQ  Callum Fagg  Aus



1st Cecilia Thomasson  Swe  20:32

MP  Carolyn Jackson  Aus


Tomorrow’s race heads out to Moedaka Sports Centre for the Middle Distance Championships.  Racing commences at 11:07 Est time.


Alex Randall  11:31

Chris Firman 11:53

Ricky Thackray 12:37

Callum Fagg 13:27



Carolyn Jackson 12:34


Angus Robinson  11:29

Karl Withers  12:25

Tom Goddard  12:39

Results and live tracking can be found here