MTBOWOC 2013 Relay & Long

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The Australian Team took a well earned break on yesterday’s rest day.  Some spent the day fine tuning their equipment, some went sight seeing whilst others just chilled out.  Today is the relay and by all accounts it will be a tough day.  The race is scheduled to start at 11:00am Est time for the Junior Mens and 11:25am for the Senior Mens.


58 Australia-1

Tom Goddard 1st

Angus Robinson 2nd

Karl Withers 3rd



9 – Australia-1

Chris Firman 1st

Alex Randall 2nd

Callum Fagg 3rd


21- Australia-2

Ricky Thackray 1st

Carolyn Jackson 2nd

Ian Dalton 3rd


Team Australia-1 will be gps equipped for the race.  The GPS tracking and live results can be found here.  Organisers have said that until 3rd leg riders from all teams are on course the GPS tracking will only provide white background.  Once 3rd leg riders are on course then background map will be displayed.