January 2014 – AUS v NZ MTBO Challenge Team Nomination

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Angus2 GWithers2013Australia-New Zealand Challenge series in Auckland and Rotorua in Jan 2014, have until the 1st of October to get their name in.

The Challenge started in 2003 in Daylesford, Victoria, as a competition between the two countries. The rules were kept simple – the visiting country chooses the classes it wants to compete in and then selects a team of at least two (up to three) in each class it has chosen. The host country then matches those selected age classes with teams of two or three. The fastest times of two riders in each class from each country are summed; the fastest combined time wins a point.

Teams of 3 + Reserves will be selected for the challenge events in the following age groups…

M-20, 21, 40, 50, 60, 70

W-20, 21, 40, 50, 60, 70

Any Australian citizen who is a current financial member of their State Association and a Club (regardless of where they live) is eligible.   You do not need to be a champion to be part of our team – we are looking to nominate as many classes as possible.

The primary guides to selection will be performance at the 2013 Australian MTBO Championship events in Gympie and Canberra and 2013 National MTBO Rankings.

The team will be announced by the National MTBO Selection Panel in October.

To nominate use the webform on the NZ Trip site – http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9LZHJKV – nominations closed

Rider who have already nominated via the NZ MTBO Trip site do not need to re-nominate.

For details of the A-NZ Challenge visit – www.ausmtbo.com

For details of the NZ MTBO Carnival  visit – www.mtbocarmival.com

For details of the NZ MTBO Trip visit – www.nz-mtbo-trip.weebly.com