Lost Property, Australian Championships Carnival, Canberra 28 Sep–6 Oct 2013

Shane Jenkins2013 Archive

Jackeroo Cooler Arm folding chair (grey)

Handkerchief (small white)

Pair white socks

Bridgestone bag

Control description holders (4)

Silva headbands (2)

Baseplate compass

Canberra Centenary bag (black)

Towel (white)

Cap –Colombia (grey/black)

Stuff sack (Kathmandu) red

Folding chair packets (2) – Blue, Bottle green

Jacket (grey)

Plastic water bottle (2) – White, Blue

Baby’s bottle (Avent/Philips brand)

Gaiters (Protech) dark blue

Bandana (Canteen)

Shorts (Pink, blue & grey)


If you wish to claim any of these items please email John & Ann Scown at scown@light.net.au


Any items not claimed by cob Sun 27 Oct 2013 will be disposed of thoughtfully.