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The new Talent Development Structure has a number of squads which reflect the benchmark performances of the athletes in relation to the High Performance Pathway. Squad membership is determined by eligibility based on these benchmark performances.

The High Performance Squad (HPS) sits at the top tier of the High Performance Pathway and is open to both senior and junior athletes. The consolidation of the senior and junior HPS aims to assist the smooth transition from the junior to the senior elite competition. A small group from the HPS comprise the Elite High Performance Squad (EHPS).

The National Development Squad (NDS) becomes a safety net under the HPS which provides support and incentive for the 21-30 aged developing athlete to achieve benchmark performances for eligibility for the HPS.

At the same stage in the pathway is the Australian Junior Development Squad (AJDS) which provides developing juniors with support and incentives to achieve benchmark performances for eligibility for the HPS.

At the base of the national HP pathway is the Targeted Talented Athlete Squad (TTA) which provides the opportunity for both talented junior and senior athletes to make a smooth transition into the HP pathway program. It is planned to develop a Talent Identification Program from which athletes can be invited into this squad.

All levels within this Talent Development Structure will be supported by coaches for each of the squads (see position advertisements).

The names of athletes listed in the squads has been based on the information provided in athletes OA HP Squad Application that was submitted.

Lists of squad members here:

HP Squads 2014


The OA HP Group is advertising for Coaches to be assigned to each of the squads-

National Development Squad (NDS),

Australian Junior Development Squad (AJDS)

Targeted Talented Athlete Squad (TTA).

Any interested coach is invited to apply for these positions (see link to job description).

These coaches will work with the OA Head Coach and the WOC and JWOC Coaches to manage the transition of athletes through the HP pathways to enable the athletes to achieve their maximum performances.

These positions are for a two year period and applications close on the 22nd December.

Applications and questions concerning these positions to Nick Dent


Role descriptions found here:

Australian Junior Development Squad Coach description

National Development Squad Coach description

Talent Development Coach description


1. Tasmania (Jan 2nd-Jan 7th)– athletes who have been invited to attend need to indicate they are attending by emailing nickdent7@gmail.com with travel details so detailed planning and costing can occur. This is the first HP training camp for senior elites for a number of years and it is aimed at preparation for the 2015 World Cup races in Tasmania. It will be attended by the WOC 2014 Coaches.

2. Canberra- Jan 23rd-27th. Sprint Orienteering Training Camp.

This camp is open to all members of the Talent Development Structure Squads and will have a focus on Sprint Orienteering- techniques, skills and training. This camp will be based at the AIS and full board will be provided to all participants.

In conjunction with this camp the HP Group (Dave Meyer/Organiser) are organizing five sprint events for both all the squad members as well as all the orienteering public. These events will be known as Sprint Canberra and entry will be available on Eventor.

All athletes who indicated on their OA HP Squad Application that they wanted to attend will be invited to this camp.


The 2014 selection events for JWOC, WOC, WUOC, Bushrangers June Test, Bushrangers September Test and World Cup 2015 are in this document: