HP Training Camp -last two days

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The HP Training camp concluded on Monday and Tuesday. Monday saw a return to Mt Pearson for some terrain similar to the WC Long terrain of Constable Creek. Using a 1:15,000 map there was a 9km and 7km course with plenty of climb to give the athletes a taste of what the WC Long may be like. Some tired runners did well to complete the course whilst others cut it short. Hanny Allston completed the 9km course which gave her a very good physical challenge. Thanks to Hilary Wood for setting these courses

mt pearson training 2014.Mens.pdf

mt pearson training 2014.Womens.pdf

The afternoon was a one person relay with a mass start for women and men. This saw some very fast running through the area used as the model map for the 2012 Australian Championships. There were three legs of just over a km each. Some competitive challenge between the Aussies and the NZers present was a feature of this exercise.

One person relay GF east.Course 1.pdf

One person relay GF east.Course 2.pdf

One person relay GF east.Course 3.pdf

Toph Norton has produced some great video of this exercise- see link


Tuesday was a very early start to travel to the north west edge of Lively Bogs for the camp champs. This was a technically challenging middle distance course similar to NOL races in 2011.


Men: Nick Hann 40.09, Matt Ogden 41.44, Simon Uppill 42.04, Andrew Barnett 49.40, Lachlan Dow 51.30, Ian Lawford 51.41, Brodie Nankervis 51.42, Josh Blatchford 53.32

Women: Hanny Allston 41.58, Laura Robertson 47.57, Aislinn Prendergast 48.54, Lizzie Ingham 52.22, Vanessa Round 52.53, Belinda Lawford 55.47, Heather Muir 59.19, Bridget Anderson 59.35, Jacqui Doyle 63.54, Mary Fleming 67.07.


Camp Champs Livelys Bog.1.pdf

Camp Champs Livelys Bog.2.pdf

Splits from some training events


Camp Champ winners

Camp Champs.jpg*

with their special St Helens trophy- “the stealth of the tiger and the aggression of the shark”.

As if training twice a day wasn’t enough Nick Hann and Matt Ogden planned some night training on Sunday night using a special map of Golden Fleece prepared on OCAD which featured a map of Tasmania. They convinced a few Aussies to go and do the course also. The map is worth having a look at.

NightTraining NZ Creation.pdf

A great camp and especially rewarding to have some great competition between the Aussies and the NZers, something we will do more of in the future. It also provided some of the younger elites with an insight into how the best in NZ and Australia attack their training.

*no longer available