Locals Lizzie and Lachie Lead Orienteering Series

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Locals Lizzie Ingham and Lachie Dow lead their divisions of the 5-day elite orienteering series Sprint Canberra after three races. Both won race 1, a 3,300 metres event in the environs of AIS and CIT Bruce on Thursday evening. Ingham was a clear winner by 38 seconds from Hanny Allston, while Dow had only four seconds to spare from fellow Canberra Cockatoo Matt Crane.

Ingham repeated the result in the 2,120 metre race 2 at Radford College on Friday, but Dow had to settle for third place, eight seconds behind visitor, Henry McNulty (WA). Ingham continued her unbeaten sequence with another victory over Allston in race 3 over 3,000 metres at CSIRO Black Mtn on Saturday evening. Crane was the victor over Dow, with McNulty third. Race 4 will be over 2,800 metres at Remembrance Park this evening.

Race 5 will start at 10.00 am tomorrow at Fellows Oval ANU with competitors starting at one-minute intervals in the reverse order to their placing after race 4. Barring major mishaps, Ingham and Dow should have the benefit of being the last starters.

The other class leaders after race 3 are Grant McDonald (MO), Anita Scherrer (WO) (both pictured above), Mason Arthur (MS) and Gemma Ruddick (WS). The points scores after race 3 are here*.

*Page no longer available