Selection arrangements announced for 2014 Australian teams

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Selection arrangements for 2014 Australian Teams: World Orienteering Championships, World University Orienteering Championships, World Cup.
This document (2014 WOC-WC-WUOC Criteria Summary) sets out the selection arrangements for the above Australian teams in 2014.
Nominations for all these teams are to be submitted before the first of the NOL races in Brisbane on 22 February. The dates of the Bushrangers’ Test Matches against NZ have not yet been determined. Nominations will be called at (approximately) Easter time. Selection arrangements for World Cup races in Tasmania in January 2015 will not be determined until team sizes are known from the IOF. The primary selection trials for these have already been advertised as being the 2014 Australian Championships Carnival in Western Australia.
The Senior Selection Panel for 2014 will be: · WOC Head Coach: Tom Quayle tomquayle @; WOC Assistant Coach/Manager: Wendy Read; OA Head Coach: TBA – position currently being advertised.· Chair of Selectors (non-voting): TBA.
The Australian selection trials for 2014 will cover four sets of races:
1) Brisbane NOL races Feb 22nd/23rd; 2) Beechworth NOL races March 22nd/23rd; 3) Australian 3-days April 18-21, Rylstone, NSW; 4) Mixed sprint relay Lithgow High School Friday April 25th and Long Distance, Gardens of Stone, Saturday April 26th.
Overseas selection races are to be scheduled by the selection panel for athletes living overseas who choose not to return for the Australian selection trials. These races will have been individualised for those nominees, who should ideally run at least 2 trial races in each of their chosen disciplines.

1) World Orienteering Championships July 5-12, Trentino – Veneto, Italy
Changes to WOC format from 2014 have impacted on the Australian team size. Orienteering Australia is able to enter a team as follows: Sat 5 July Sprint Qualification and Final 3 men 3 women; Mon 7 July Mixed Sprint Relay 2 men 2 women; Wed 9 July Long Final 1 man 2 women; Fri 10 July Middle Final 1 man 2 women; Sat 11 July Forest Relay 3 men 3 women.
Our aim is to select the best team of athletes who are able to achieve success both individually and for Orienteering Australia. The team will ideally consist of at least four men and four women. Emphasis will be placed on maximising the results achievable by Australian teams in both relays.
Athletes are advised to read the expanded criteria document (2014 full WOC Selection Criteria) carefully before nominating.

2) World Cup 2014:
Round 1: Middle distance in Turkey (1 March).
Round 2: Long and Middle distance in Spain (5-6 April) and European Orienteering Championships in Portugal (9-16 April).
Round 3: Middle and Long distance in Kongsberg, Norway (7-8 June) and Sprint in Imatra, Finland (11 June).
Round 5: Middle distance and Sprint in Liestal, Switzerland (4-5 October). Maximum team size is 6 men and 6 women.
All athletes who are intending to race should submit a nomination via the combined WOC/WC/WUOC form even if they have previously notified the WOC Coach that they will be attending. There are no formal trials; selection will be based on 2013 performances. Preference will be given to members of the HPS and EHPS when selecting a team.

3) World University Orienteering Championships (WUOC)
For WUOC (12th-16th August, Olomouc, Czech Republic) the maximum team size will be 6 men and 6 women as per ; however, the size of the team selected by Orienteering Australia will depend on the number of applicants of suitable standard.
The schedule is as follows: Tues 12th Mixed Sprint Relay 1 team (order of runners: woman – man – woman – man);
Wed 13th Long Distance 4 men and 4 women;
Thurs 14th Middle Distance 4 men and 4 women;
Fri 15th Sprint 4 men and 4 women;
Sat 16th Relay 2 men’s team (3 legs) and 2 women’s team (3 legs).
Primary trials will be the 4 days of Easter 2014. Secondary trials will be the other NOL races (Brisbane, Beechworth, Lithgow). Kilometre rates will be used to compare juniors and seniors where they are not on the same course.
Nomination deadline
All athletes who wish to be considered for selection in any of the above teams are required to submit a nomination form (2014 WOC-WC-WUOC nomination form) by email to both the Manager, High Performance (Kay Haarsma: and WOC Head Coach (Tom Quayle by 8am Saturday 22 February 2014 (i.e. before the start of the first trial).
All athletes shall have submitted an athlete profile/proforma to the OA Operations Manager, High Performance (, prior to nominating. Athletes who have not yet submitted an athlete profile and wish to be considered for one of the squads are still entitled to do so, although the next formal revision of the squads will not occur until after the Easter races.
Enquiries about the nomination process are to be directed initially to Wendy Read, WOC Assistant Coach/Manager:

Jenny Casanova
Outgoing Chair of Selectors, 31 January 2014