Update on Eventor

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At the Orienteering Australia AGM held during Easter several states put forward motions relating to progressing the development of Eventor. An update on the progress of the items discussed at the AGM is described below.

One of the suggestions put forward was that the newly established Eventor Working Group (EWG) be comprised of a representative from each state to ensure broad representation. This idea was originally considered when developing the new governance structure however, as suggested by Andrew Lumsden (NSW), it was decided that a smaller group would be more effective and efficient in developing documentation. Under the agreed governance structure all specifications will be circulated via the Eventor Discussion Group (EDG) for discussion and input. Each state currently have multiple representatives in the EDG and anyone else interested in providing input can join.

With respect to the EWG, two additional people have nominated and been accepted onto the EWG. The EWG is now comprised of 4 individuals including Rob Edmonds (Victoria), Jack Dowling (WA), Ian Rathbone (Tas) and John Cooper (QLD). The OA Director Media & Communications (Craig Feuerherdt) will be providing assistance in the initial instance to ensure the members are across everything that has happened to date.

OSA put forward a (amended) motion that “The board of OA develop a plan to resource the upgrade of the Eventor System to suitable standards including but not limited to a more user friendly membership module and the ability to produce statistical data to meet our reporting obligations.” These items will be among the top priorities for the EWG.

In addition, ONSW put forward two motions. Firstly that the EWG circulate the priorities among the states by 31 May. The current list of priorities is available for viewing at https://www.dropbox.com/s/3rk4hspigu438ex/Bugs.xlsx (this link has also been publicised on the EDG). This list has been compiled from a range of sources. The EWG will be working on the development of specification documents for the high priority items (5) of which there are currently 15 items, many of which encompass multiple issues.

The second motion was that specifications be submitted to the Swedish Orienteering Federation (SOF) for quoting by 30 June. Given there will be multiple specification documents, it is important that the EWG consider the most appropriate way of putting the documentation together to ensure everything fits together. Taking some extra time now will ensure the best outcome for OA and its affiliates both financially and functionally. The EWG will circulate draft specification documents via the EDG for comment prior to submitting them to the OA Board (via the Director Media & Communications) for approval and subsequently forwarding them to SOF for quoting.

If you want to participate and contribute to improving Eventor please join the Eventor Discussion Group.