Check your vaccinations if travelling internationally for orienteering

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It is advisable to check with your doctor well in advance on vaccinations recommended for international orienteering events in Europe and other countries.

The following message is from Australian company HL Pharma in relation to Tick Borne Encephalitis:

We have been contacted by some of your members who are taking part in the 2015 World Masters Orienteering Championship in Sweden. They have been enquiring about the Tick Borne Encephalitis Vaccine. We were informed one of your members contracted the viral disease whilst competing overseas last year, so we thought by writing to you with some information about vaccinating against this disease, you may wish to pass this onto your members attending the World Championship next year.

HL Pharma as a specialist pharmaceutical wholesaler supplying unregistered and unlicensed pharmaceuticals throughout Australia. We are aware of the need for the use of this vaccine for people travelling to specific areas of Europe so we keep stock of both the Adult and Junior Tick Borne Encephalitis Vaccines.

The Tick Borne Encephalitis vaccine is licensed in Europe, however, as there is no Tick Borne Encephalitis here in Australia, the manufacturer would not apply for a license here, therefore, it is an unlicensed product in Australia.

For someone to be vaccinated here in Australia, a clinic would need to apply for permission to supply. We can assist doctors in obtaining the correct permissions for supply and we are very happy to assist any of your members in regards to the Tick Borne Encephalitis vaccine.

Matt Hayward
BPharm, MRPharmS
Mobile +61459 827716