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WOC Sprint Presentation 

This evening the presentations were held for the WOC Sprints and also the WOC Sprint Relay. The highlight for the small number of Australians present along with the rest of the Australian WOC team was to see Hanny Allston on the podium for the Women’s Sprint. A beautiful sunny afternoon at the WOC Event Centre saw Hanny receive her certificate and flowers for her excellent 5th place. It was great to see Hanny again on the podium at WOC.


Hanny 5th in Sprint

Hanny 5th in Sprint

Middle Distance

Tomorrow we have the Middle Distance event at the Darnaway Forest next to Darnaway Castle. The arena will be across the road from the castle and will also be the arena for the relay on Wednesday.

Darnaway is an area of former glacial moraine, with numerous small hills and depressions making for tricky navigation.

The forest has a mixture of woodland types: open pine wood with ground cover of heather and dwarf shrub, denser pine and areas of broadleaves, especially beech. Both runnability and visibility will vary throughout the courses.

It is anticipated that the middle will be in the southern section of the map and the relay in the north western section.

Old version of Darnaway

Old version of Darnaway

The distance for the women’s event is 5.3km and for the men is 6.2km. The expected winning time for both events is 33 minutes.

The Australian start times are

Anna Sheldon 12:48

Hanny Allston 13:30

Lachlan Dow 14:33

Simon Uppill 15:18



Photo courtesy of Hilary Wood