Entries closing next Monday 31 August for 2015 Australian Championships Carnival

Bernard WalkerNews

Entries closing next Monday 31 August – 2015 Australian Championships Carnival – www.eventor.orienteering.asn.au

Enter now and join the large contingent of orienteers from all parts of Australia and beyond already heading to Ballarat for the 2015 Australian Championships Carnival, from Saturday 26 September to Sunday 4 October. No late entries for championships classes will be available after midnight on Monday 31 August. Enter-on-the-day will be available for limited courses at selected events, but these will not be championship classes – they are designed to allow newcomers to try the sport, and fellow travellers to step out and smell the magnificent messmate and peppermint eucalyptus trees of the Creswick Forest, close to Ballarat.Further information: www.ozchamps2015.com.au