Australia- New Zealand Test Match

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An agreement has been made to have an Australian v New Zealand Test Match at the Australian Championships Carnival starting this weekend. The test will be held over three events: Australian Sprint, Middle and Long Distance events.

Each country will have a team of three in the following class: M21E, W21E, M20 and W20. The Bushrangers and the Pinestars will be competing for the Key-Aspin Trophy which is currently held by Australia. This test match series provides a great opportunity for Australia’s resident senior and junior elites to get some international competition. New Zealand have announced a strong team and we can expect a very strong challenge from the Pinestars even though we are competing in our home terrain.

Test Match Teams

AUS      Bushrangers

M21E                                      W21E

Leon Keely                                        Rachel Effeney (Sprint)

Brodie Nankervis                             Natasha Key

Simon Uppill                                     Krystal Neumann

….                                                     Aislinn Prendergast (Middle and Long)


M20                                        W20

Aidan Dawson                                  Anna Dowling

Jarrah Day                                         Winnie Oakhill

Patrick Jaffe                                      Lanita Steer

Manager: Jim Russell


NZ     Pinestars

M21E                                      W21E

Nick Hann                                          Jenni Adams (Middle)

Carsten Jorgensen                           Renee Beveridge

Matt Ogden                                      Sarah O’Sullivan (Sprint and Long)

—-                                                Tessa Ramsden

M20                                        W20

Ed Cory-Wright                                Sophie Harrison

Cameron de L’lsle                            Lara Malloy

Tommy Hayes                                  Heidi Stolberger

Manager: Alistair Cory-Wright