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Senior Boys

Tommy Hayes was running much faster up to Control 11 where he was over a minute in the lead. He then had problems with the leg to Control 12 losing 1.35. Simeon Burrill who was the fastest on the leg was then in the lead by 33 seconds with five short legs to go. Even though Tommy was running faster, Simeon had a big enough lead to be the winner by 4 seconds to Tommy Hayes in second. Jarrah Day (3rd) and Ed Cory-Wright (4th) both had similar runs being over 1.30 behind after control 11. They both had very good running speed from this control to the finish with Jarrah being slightly faster to end in 3rd place. Patrick Jaffe had a slow start losing 43 seconds on control 3, a very short leg. From control 11 his speed enabled him to catch up to Ed, however, he lost 15 seconds on the short leg 14 and was unable to match the speed of Jarrah and Ed to finish in 5th place.


Senior Boys Top 5

Senior Girls

Going into this event Danielle Goodall was the clear favourite after her performances at JWOC for NZ. However, a loss of 3.31 on leg 3 meant that she was too far behind to make up this amount of time in this fast open terrain. Jo Anna Maynard the winner of the sprint on Monday continued her very impressive development. After a small problem on leg 2 Jo Anna was running faster than everyone else and after gaining the lead at control 4 she remained in the lead to the finish to win by 1.02 from Winnie Oakhill. Winnie had some problems from control 7-10 and was not running fast enough to make up this loss of time. Asha Steer who also lost time in the middle of the course was not running as fast as Winnie and finished in 3rd place. Georgia Jones who started slowly had the fastest split on the long leg, but after losing 35 seconds on leg 12 she finished in a promising 4th place.


Senior Girls Top 5

Junior Boys

In perhaps the performance of the day Aston Key started fast and was in the lead all through the course. His winning margin was 1.50. Aston is showing very impressive running speed and when combined with his very consistent navigation he is rapidly establishing clear ascendency in his age group. The brothers Tristan and Patrick Miller were 2 seconds apart at control 9, but Patrick ran the last 6 controls faster than his brother and finished in 2nd place. Dante Afnan who was only 4 seconds behind the Miller boys at control 9 managed to finish in 3rd place. His speed over the last two controls enabled him to get in front of Tristan Miller who finished in 4th place 17 seconds behind 3rd.


Junior Boys Top 5

Junior Girls

In a race where the lead changed four times early Zoe Melhuish was the most consistent and the fastest from control 5 to win by 23 seconds to Jenna Tidswell in 2nd place. Jenna had some very fast legs but her inconsistency cost her the chance to repeat her victory in the Sprint yesterday. Briana Steven and Caitlin Young both had very good speed on some legs but not enough consistency. Briana finished in 3rd place with Caitlin who was one second behind the lead at control 3 finished in 4th place 3 seconds behind.


Junior Girls Top 5

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