Strong Australian team for ANZ Challenge at Australian MTBO Championships

Andrew PowerNews

The Australian MTBO Championships take place at Anglesea (VIC) on Nov 7-8 with entries closing THIS Monday.  A strong Australian team has been announced to take on the visiting Kiwis in the Aus v NZ Challenge during the Championship carnival. It comprises:

M21    Steven Todkill (NSW)   Ricky Thackray (WA)  Chris Firman (Q)

M40     Craig Steffens (Q)     Colin Kessels (Q)    Hamish Mackie (NSW)

M50     Andrew Power (NSW)  Malcolm Roberts (NSW)  Tony Howes (Q)

M60     Paul Haynes (NSW)    Robert Prentice (NSW)  David Firman (Q)

M70     Leigh Privett (VIC)    Andrew Campbell (Q)   Keith Wade (VIC)

W21    Carolyn Jackson (VIC)  Marina Iskhakova (NSW)  Thorlene Egerton (VIC)

W40    Jenny Enderby (NSW)    Emily Walter (ACT)

W50    Carolyn Matthews (NSW)   Kay Haarsma  (SA)   Julie Sunley (ACT)

The competition is looking very healthy in both elite classes.  In the men there are already 18 competitors.  Former WOC team members racing include Steven Cusworth, Alex Randall & Tom Walter, while there are also several visiting French riders.  Kiwis Marquita Gelderman and Georgia Skelton will make the local women’s elite riders earn their podium positions.

Last weekend there was a strong contingent of interstate riders at the ACT Champs in Canberra.  Elite victories were shared around.   In the men Paul de Jongh (ACT), Steve Todkill (NSW) and Ricky Thackray (WA) all took one victory each in M21.  Ian de Jongh and SA’s Jack Allison shared the spoils in M20.    Carolyn Jackson took 2 wins in W21 in middle & long with Marina Iskhakova winning the sprint for her initial NOL victory.  ACT’s Clare Lonergan was notable with second placings in all three events.

Kay Haarsma