Applications sought for national MTBO coach and manager

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Applications for the 2016-2017 MTBO World Championships Coach & Manager positions are now open and are due by December 4th.  Ideally the coach will be a 2 year appointment but if feasible a 1 year appointment will be considered.  For more information contact Kay Haarsma on 0403565534.
Details are are available as follows.

2016 & 2017 Mountain Bike Orienteering World Championships Team Coach.

Time Period: December 2015 to November 2017.

(2016 WOC in Portugal July 24-30th; 2017 in Lithuania Aug 19-27th)

Job Requirements:

Primary role:

Coach of the combined WMTBOC & JWMTBOC team, with a management role within Australia. (Preference is for this role to be over 2 years but consideration will be given to those only able to coach in 2016)

Other roles:

Conducting and leading training and coaching of the HP squad, liaise and provide technical assistance to both the individual coaches of squad / team members and the athletes themselves to assist in their development as internationally competitive mountain bike orienteers.

Conduct at least one training camp within Australia annually and organise the 7-10 day pre-Championship training camp overseas.

Be a member of the High Performance Management Group and provide leadership nationally on the development of competition, training and infrastructure to support and guide the development of elite MTB orienteering in Australia.

Liaise with the other Australian WMTBOC team official, the OA High Performance Administrator and manager MTBO High Performance with respect to the preparation of WMTBOC Teams.

Provide appropriate information to all potential WMTBOC / JWMTBOC team members, both directly through email, and indirectly through the OA High Performance website, The Australian Orienteer magazine, state email newsletters etc.

Develop an understanding of global current trends and development in mountain bike orienteering coaching and promulgate this information to other Australian coaches.

In conjunction with the MTBO Manager, agree on the specific individual division of responsibilities between yourself and the manager appointed for the World Championships.

Collaborative skills to work with the tour manager and other OA HP officers.

Co-ordination of HP squad / WMTBOC team travel arrangements within and outside Australia.

Collaborate with other coaches about state or national camps.

Maintenance of records of meetings, interviews and conversations appropriate to squad/team activities.

Support the team managers to manage the financial records of squad/team activities.

In conjunction with team managers, arrange for the supply of official uniforms and equipment for the WMTBOC & JWMTBOC National Team in conjunction with the OA High Performance Administrator and Manager MTBO High Performance


Essential Skills/Experience:

A record of successful individual coaching of mountain bike orienteers.

Relevant experience in coaching, leading or managing orienteering or cycling squads or teams at state, national or international level.

Proven high-level interpersonal skills, especially discretion and tact, that facilitates interaction, cooperation and trust with diverse individuals and organisations.

Ability to apply psychological knowledge and skills to create a comfortable team environment and to maximise individual athlete success through building self-confidence and the ability to perform under pressure.

Well-developed oral and written communication skills including the ability to develop well researched, clear and, concise reports and plans. High level communication strategies to enable all athletes, with varying personalities, to deal positively with the intense demands of competition in a team environment. Collaborative skills to work with the tour management team and other OA HP officers.

Negotiation skills and the capacity for flexibility and adaptability in dealing with challenging environments and complex situations, as necessitated with overseas trip management.

Ability to be reflective, particularly on the impacts of travel, training, competition, interpersonal dynamics and daily events. As a consequence to be proactive in adjusting team plans, communication strategies and support structures to maximise the preparedness of all athletes.

Leadership in modelling and promoting ethical standards required of elite national teams.

Proven organisational and planning skills in tour/team travel management, including planning, budgeting, bookings, communication and team coordination.

Desirable Skills / Experience:

Level 1 or 2 Orienteering Coaching qualifications or an international equivalent and / Level 1 or 2 mountain bike coaching qualifications.

Competent competitive experience in mountain bike orienteering events.

Remuneration: The position is voluntary in its nature.

All expenses will be met for travel to WOC and on the ground costs there.

Some funding is available to support squad & team activities and coach expenses within Australia.

Application Requirements

If you are interested in this position please respond with 2 items:

  1. A brief outline of your skills and experience in relation to the selection criteria. No more than 2 A4 pages.
  2. An outline of your plans for the development of high performance Mountain Bike orienteering in Australia in 2015 and beyond, with specific reference to the improvement of Australia’s international competitiveness in World Championships and contribution to the relevant aspects of the High Performance Strategic Plan. Two pages maximum.

Please Note: The provision of a working with children police check, or evidence of having already undertaken one, (or evidence of having recently undertaken one), to show they are a person of good character as outlined in the Orienteering Australia Member Protection Policy, and the signing of the OA Team Official Code of Conduct will be required by the successful applicants.

Applications and any questions can be directed to Kay Haarsma, Manager, MTBO High Performance.

Email:    0883370522 or 0403565534

Applications close COB Friday December 4th