Australia wins AUS v NZ MTBO Challenge

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Congratulations to all competitors who took part in the 2015 Australian MTBO Championships last weekend.  This was the largest Australian MTBO Champs yet. Adding the “on the day” entries, in some of the 4 events nearly 200 people participated.

Over the 3 Championship events there were many stand-out performances with only four adult riders achieving a trifecta of wins. These were Angus Robinson (M20); Marquita Gelderman (W21) and Carolyn Matthews (W50), who had convincing wins despite quality opposition and Joyce Rowlands (W80) who survived everything the course setters threw at her with her normal aplomb. Juniors to win all 3 titles were: Jessica Law (W16); Alec Power (M12); Jack Wigney (M14); and Evan Fossum (M16).

A special mention must go to NZ’s 14 year old pocket rocket Georgia Skelton who rode very respectable times in the elite sprint and middle events before dropping down to win W20 in the long. It was also good to see British rider Keith Dawson, the founder of the World Masters Series racing here to experience the strength of the masters classes down under.

The male elite was a strong class with a number of former WOC representatives making a return to racing. One of these, Steve Cusworth had 2 close victories and a 2nd whilst present top ranked elite Chris Firman took the other win and two 2nd’s.   Others to take 2 victories were: Arabella Phillips (W14); Lucy Mackie (W20); Dale-Ann Gordon (W70); Brent Simpson (M40); Eoin Rothery (M50); Rob Prentice (M60); Leigh Privett ((M70) & Graeme Cadman (M80).

Australia v New Zealand Challenge – 3 races with the best 2 riders times added together from each nominated team in the 8 classes nominated by NZ.               Australia took a big lead after the 2 events on day 1, with 11 points to 5 but NZ “won” on day 2 to make it a somewhat closer 14 points to 10 victory to Australia overall. Sprint             Australia 5 (M21, M50, M70, W40, W50) –           NZ 3 (M40, M60, W21) Middle             Australia 6 (M21, M60, M70, W21, W40, W50) –   NZ 2 (M40, M50) Long               Australia 3 (M21, M70, W50) –        NZ 5 (W21, W40, M40, M50, M60) Results

Results and winsplits are available on the Australian MTBO Championships website:

We will shortly also have links available for you to upload your GPS routes to where you can then compare routes with each other.


If you haven’t checked out the photos yet, they are also available on the website. We were really pleased to have Mike Spain from Mike Spain Photography to take shots for the Sprint and Middle. If you would like any of the photos in hi resolution files we are happy to send them through for $2 per file. Contact Peter Cusworth on <>

Also we are looking for photos from the Long distance event – so send them through if you have some you think would be good to put up on the website.

Make sure you check out this website:

Our Saturday events were day #15 of Beefy”s 365 Days of Sport. He interviewed a few of our people, took video and photos and the online show they put together will be up on this website in a couple of days’ time.

In the 2015 National MTBO Series conducted over the 8 events of the national rounds in QLD, NSW & VIC (with best 5 counting) the winners of the plaques were:

M-14   Jack Wigney (Vic)     M-16   Even Fossum (Vic)

M-20   Angus Robinson (Vic)  M21-   Chris Firman (Qld)

M40-   Craig Steffens (Qld)    M50-   Andrew Power (NSW)

M60-   Rob Prentice (NSW)   M70-   Graham Fowler (NSW)

M80-   Graeme Cadman (Vic)   W-14   Rhiannon Prentice (NSW)

W-16   No rider qualified    W-20  Gabrielle Withers (Qld)

W21-   Carolyn Jackson (Vic)

W40-   Tie Nicole Haigh (NSW) & Joanne Rogers (Qld)

W50-   Kay Haarsma (SA)  W60-   Kath Liley (Vic)

W70-   Dale Ann Gordon (Vic)  W80-   Joyce Rowlands (Vic)
State Team totals in the 2015 National MTBO Series

1st  612 Victoria Nuggets               2nd 590 NSW Stingers

3rd  452 Queensland Storm          4th  136 WA Nomads

5th    93 SA Arrows                         6th    49 ACT Cockatoos

7th    39 Tasmanian Foresters

OA State Shield

(based on 5 pt for 1st, 3 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd in all age classes from M/W-14 to M/W80 at the three Australian MTBO Champs races.)

1st  231 Victoria

2nd    96 NSW

3rd    41 Qld         4th  16 Tasmania     5th 14 SA       6th  9 ACT


We were very fortunate to have fantastic support from the Surf Coast Shire Council. We will soon have the final video from the championships to show you. This was funded by a grant received from the council.

We’d also like to thank Paul and Anne Sorensen, the Eumeralla Scout Camp, Parks Victoria, Great Ocean Road Coast Committee and DELWP for allowing us to map and compete in these areas.

Sponsors’ special deals

We would also like to thank our sponsors including Thule and Pro4mance. A reminder that there are considerable deals for competitors that have been offered by each company and it would be great to see those deals taken up.

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Thanks also to Flemington Cycles for helping us out with the spot prizes and goodies for the race packs.

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