High Performance News February 2016

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OA High Performance News February 2016.

  1. Sprint Canberra– thank you again to all the squad members (47) who attended the training camp. It was very pleasing to see so many squad members at the camp and I hope that the enthusiasm that you showed at the camp has been maintained and carries through into your preparations for the major events coming up. A link to the presentations that were made at the camp have been placed on AMP for you to read and listen to. An invoice to all the athletes who attended will be sent out as soon as all the accounts are known.

Also the results for the 3km time trial, lazy TorsO and the PISTE test will be available on AMP soon.

Check out the video of the TorsO exercise courtesy of LivingIt Live.


  1. Important Dates– there are some important deadlines that all squad members need to be aware of:
  2. WOC Nominations- due by 28th February 2016. Selection criteria and WOC Nomination form are available both on AMP and on OA website. Overseas athletes must contact Tom by 28th Feb to determine their overseas selection races.
  3. Bushrangers Senior and Junior- we are having two test matches with the NZ Pinestars in 2016. The first of these will be in NZ on 4th, 5th and 6th Selection criteria and nomination forms are on AMP and OA website. Nominations due by 28th February 2016.
  4. WUOC- the World University Orienteering Championships are being held in Hungary from 30th July- 4th Selection criteria and nomination form are available on AMP and OA website. Nominations are due by 28th February.
  5. World Cup- preliminary entries for both WC Round 1 in Poland and Round 2 in Czech Republic have closed. All overseas athletes who expressed an interest in attending these events have been contacted regarding their intentions!
  6. NOL events- Sprint Melbourne weekend- entries close 2nd March, Easter– entries close 29th February, Wildfire Sports Ultra Long weekend- entries close 11th


  1. Post Easter Training Camp. This training camp will be from Tuesday 29th March-Sunday 3rd April. We are planning to set up a billet arrangement for athletes who indicate on the Post Easter Training Camp Attendance Form that they will be attending. This will enable the cost of the camp to be kept at a minimum.

         Post Easter Training Camp attendance form

http://goo.gl/forms/9ix6p8uz2k    to be submitted by 15th February.

Also the camp will involve participating in the NSW Middle and Long Championships that will be held on Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd April- so if you are attending the camp you will need to enter these events



More details regarding the camp program will be available soon on AMP.


  1. Athlete Communication– thank you to those who have been placing their training plans on AMP and actively engaging in using AMP. Some of you still need to recognize and accept that AMP is not only the way that we communicate with Squad members but it is also the way YOU communicate with us (Squad coaches). It is clear that for some of you this is NOT happening. To be honest we have very little if any information about what some of you are doing in relation to your preparations for the major events coming up. You may think you can do all this by yourself but I can assure you that you would achieve better results by accepting being part of the group that is OA High performance Squads.


Nick Dent

OA Head Coach