History of the Meredey Run property orienteering venue in South Australia

Bernard WalkerNews

This monograph, raising funds for the South Australian Junior Squad, tells the story of the Meredey Run in the mid north of South Australia beyond Burra, and the Stewart family who a hundred and fifty years ago called it their home.


In it is found much information on the land that the current owners, the Thomas families, kindly allow orienteering to take place. The history of the land and its peoples is fascinating and gives an insight into the pastoral and family struggles that have resulted in the stations we know today. South Australian orienteers and all who have visited Merridee or Burra should read this story.

The compact book comprises fifty-six pages in full colour, including ten of nineteenth and twentieth century maps, eight pages of photographs, a comprehensive index of names and numerous footnotes. Authored by Peter Kreminski, it is available from pvk@internode.on.net or phone 0414 81 0058.




 WC 1

 Pictured at the pack-up of a 2015 Merridee event are some South Australian orienteers. Peter Cutten is holding bolt cutters which were used to successfully cut the chain to a locked gate. The cut link was later replaced with a padlock. Andrew Kennedy is bringing in the last of the controls, or so he thought. A final tally showed one to be missing, forcing Andrew to go out again.





Wonna Creek looking east; this watercourse divides Merridee from the Bri Glen map and was the safety bearing for all courses. Just out of sight on the left was the arena and the finish for Day 1 of the Easter 2015 carnival.