National Orienteering League program for 2017

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The National Orienteering League program framework for 2017 has been agreed, as follows:

11-12 March Pittwater, Hobart, Tasmania (middle, long)
25-26 March Canberra, ACT (sprint, middle)
14-17 April Auckland, NZ (Oceania Championships)
10-12 June Wagga Wagga, NSW (Australian 3-Days) (middle, long, sprint)
26-27 August Canberra, ACT (ultralong, sprint)
23 September – 1 October Bathurst/Hill End, NSW (Australian Championships)

Items still to be finalised are:

  • Which events at the Oceania Championships will be National League events (which may differ for seniors and juniors)
  • Which events (other than the Australian and Oceania Championships) will be World Ranking events
  • The sequence of events within each of the non-championship weekends.