WUOC Sprint 2016

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WUOC Sprint Distance

Today the WUOC Sprint distance was held at Lillafured a small town to the west of Miskolc. The map was very small with the competitors having two maps on the same page. There was one section of gardens and walls that was very intricate and provided many short route choice legs. It is certainly worth having a look at for those interested in sprint orienteering. The competitors ran through this intricate area twice.

The Australian had a mixed day with the best result being Belinda Lawford who was in 24th place, 12.7% behind the winner. In the men Henry McNulty was the best Aussie in 36th place 16.2% behind the winner. Unfortunately, there was one mp and one dsq. Brodie Nankervis missing control 16 and Michele Dawson running through an out of bounds area that was marked on the map but not in the terrain.

Other results were, Men: Lachie Dow in 42nd place 2:32mins down, Ian Lawford in 72nd place after being 24th at Control 10, Ian lost 1:34 at Control 16 a very short leg in the garden area. Brodie would have had a time to be about in 59th place. Women: Krystal Neumann in 42nd place 3:30 min down. Krystal had the same running speed as Belinda but lost 50sec at control 6. Heather Muir was in 59th place and Michele would have finished in about 50th place.

Some analysis is provided from Winsplits Pro.


Aussie Men behind superman

: Aussie Men behind superman


Aussie Women behind superwoman

Aussie Women behind superwoman

Tomorrow sees the Long distance event being held in what appears to be fast and mostly open forest but with a fair bit of climb.

Australia will be represented by Men: Andrew Barnett, Matt Doyle, Brodie Nankervis and Lachlan Dow.

Women:  Krystal Neumann, Nicola Blatchford, Heather Muir and Belinda Lawford.

Some photos from the very good Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony 2


Not my brother!

Not my brother!

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