AUS Lead Test Series

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The Australian Junior Elite Bushrangers take lead in AUS-NZ Test Match on the Gold Coast

Bushrangers Logo.JPGWhile the NZ Elite Junior Men take and narrow lead in the male division, a strong performance by the Australian Junior Women give the Australian Bushrangers a lead in the test series. The first of 3 tests for the juniors, saw a dominant performance by the Australian women taking out the top five places to secure the lead overall. The technical sprint area tested competitors across all fields with longer than expected wining times across many classes.

In the male class while Jarrah Day and Patrick Jaffe filled the top two places, a strong performance by the NZ males across the board gave NZ a narrow victory in this class by 3 points. In the women Lanita Steer and Tara Melhuish took out the top two places and the whole junior team performed strongly to amass the points for the bushrangers.

The test series moves to the granite terrain of the Southern Downs next weekend and while the Australian Bushrangers hold what appears a solid lead, the test series as a long way from being over.

Juniors Time PTS
AUS Champs Carnival 2016  (QLD)
PTS 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
NZ 17-20 Elite
Devon Beckman – Hawkes Bay, Hawkes Bay (M, L)
Ed Cory-Wright – Peninsula & Plains, Canterbury (S, M, L) 17.41 (3) 8
Matt Goodall – Counties Manukau, Auckland (M, L)
Max Griffiths – North West, Auckland (S, L) 18.40 (5) 6
Tommy Hayes – Auckland, Auckland (M, L)
Callum Hill – North West, Northland (S, L) 19.18 (10) 1
Andre Popovici – Auckland, Auckland (S, M) 18.41 (6) 5
David Rawnsley – Hawkes Bay, Hawkes Bay (S) 19.03 (9) 2
Calum Sutherland – Taranaki, Taranaki (S, M) 18.10 (4) 7
NZ 17-20 Elite 29
AUS 17-20Elite
Patrick Jaffe – Melbourne Forest Racers, Vic (S, M, L) 17.03 (2) 9
Simeon Burrill – Bullecourt Boulder Bounders, Qld (S, M, L) 20.54 (22)
Stephen Melhuish – Parawanga Orienteers, ACT (S, M) 18.58 ( 8) 3
Ashley Nankervis – Esk Valley Orienteers, Tas (S, L, M) 20.26 (19)
Jack Neumann – Enoggoroos Orienteers, Qld (M, L)
Jarrah Day – Astralopers Orienteers, Tas (S, L) 16.56 (1) 10
Toby Wilson – Garingal Orienteers, NSW (S, M) 18.46 ( 7) 4
Joseph Dickinson – Esk Valley Orienteers, Tas (L)
AUS 17-20Elite 26
Ellenna Cauldwell – Counties Manukau, Auckland (S, M, L) 26.12  (17) 2
Katie Cory-Wright – Peninsula & Plains, Canterbury (S, M, L) 23.15 (10) 5
Meghan Drew – Auckland, Auckland (M, L)
Amelia Horne – Red Kiwis, Manawatu (S) 32.22 (25)
Tegan Knightbridge – North West, Auckland (S, M, L) 30.12 (23) 1
Carolyne Nel – Hawkes Bay, Hawkes Bay (S, M, L) MP
Heidi Stolberger – North West, Auckland (S, M, L) 23.17 (11) 4
Anna Dowling – Wellington Ranges, Tas (M, L)
Asha Steer – Dandenong Ranges, Vic (S, M, L) 22.11 (6) 7
Lanita Steer – Dandenong Ranges, Vic (S, M, L) 18.48 (1) 10
Tara Melhuish – Parawanga Orienteers, ACT (S, M, L) 19.17 (2) 9
Zoe Dowling – Wellington Ranges, Tas (S, M, L) 20.13 (3) 8
Joanna Maynard – Bibbulmun Orienteers, WA (S, L) 26.04 (16) 3
Georgia Jones – Uringa Orienteers, NSW (S, M) 22.17 (7) 6