ANZ Challenge team for 2017 Oceania Championships in NZ

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ANZ Challenge team for 2017 Oceania Championships in NZ

W16: Ella Cuthbert, Zoe Melhuish, Caitlyn Young (reserve Emily Sorensen)

M16: Dante Afnan, Tristan Miller, Noah Poland (reserve Ryan Gray)

W/M18/20/21: To be selected after the NOL race in Tasmania

W40: Jenny Casanova, Anna Fitzgerald, Rachel West

M40: Bruce Arthur, Graham Braid, Blair Trewin

W45: Jennifer Enderby, Wendy Read, Karen Wild-Allen (reserve Kelly Young)

M45: Steve Craig, Eric Morris, Scott Simson (reserves Craig Dufty, Shane Doyle)

W50: Nicola Dalheim, Anita Scherrer, Su Yan Tay

M50: Ruhi Afnan, Jock Davis, Ian Jones (reserves Neil Simson, Jemery Day)

W55 Jenny Bourne, Anthea Fever, Toni Brown (reserves Geraldine Chatfield, Gayle Quantock)
M55 Warren Key, Geoff Lawford, Jim Russell (reserves Simon George, Tim Hatley)

W60 Debbie Davey, Carolyn Jackson, Ann Scown
M60 Warwick Davis, Paul Pacque, Eoin Rothery, (reserves John Scown, Alex Davey)

W65 Lynda Rapkins, Judy Allison, Val Hodsdon (reserve Valerie Barker)
M65 Paul Hoopmann, Rob Rapkins, Gordon Wilson (reserves Bert Elson, David Marshall)

W70: Janet Fletcher, Jenny Hawkins,  Kathy Liley (reserve Jacqui Rand)

M70: Ross Barr, Stephen Flick, Greg Chatfield (reserve Tony Simpkins)

M75: John Le Carpentier, John Sutton, Alex Tarr
W75: Ann Ingwersen, Janet Tarr

The team, based on nominations received by November 6th, is listed alphabetically. It has been necessary to give some people their second preference in terms of age class. Reserves are named (in order) where there were more than the minimum number of nominations of suitable standard received for a particular age class.

Although the Oceania Relays only have 10-year age classes for M/W35+, within each 10-year relay age class there will be separate teams for the different ANZ Challenge classes.