ANZ Secondary Schools Trophy arrives in Australia

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The ANZ Secondary Schools Challenge Trophy has arrived in Australia   for the first time since the inception of this Australia New Zealand  Challenge in 2005.

What a fantastic carnival it was for the more than 50 Australian Secondary School students who took part. A great opportunity to network, make friends and experience the fun of a major international event. Congratulations to the four selected Australian Secondary Schools teams who did so well on the first day holding the NZ side to a 2 all draw and for maintaining their cool on the second day ( a sprint relay) whilst dealing with hot steaming vents and pressure from high performing NZ teams.

Thanks to the cheering from 9 supporting Australian relay teams and ten regional NZ relay teams the event took on an exciting carnival atmosphere with many spectators as the selected 8 teams tussled it out to decide the winner. The fun and the excitement fortunately overshadowed the disappointment that two controls had been unfortunately mislabelled causing the sprint relay result to be annulled. The young athletes scarcely noticed as for them the socialising and technical running was just as important. The Australia vs NZ Secondly Schools Challenge was officially declared a “draw” with NZ suggesting Australia take the trophy across the ditch from where they will no doubt try to wrest it back at Oceania 2019 in Wagga Wagga / Canberra / Beechworth. A big thank you to the Kiwis for staging such an inclusive carnival and to Brenton Gray for his managing of the logistics.


SELECTED A … 1 Ella Cuthbert 2 Ryan Gray 3 Jensen Key 4 Zoe Melhuish
SELECTED B… 1 Michaela Gray 2 Ewan Shingler 3 Andrew Kerr 4 Julia Gannon

THE FOREIGNERS …. 1 Sophie Jones 2 Mason Arthur 3 Ethan Penck 4 Ellen Currie
LOST … 1 Eleanor McClean 2 Dextor Canning 3 Ben Hobson 4 Nina Gannon
ROTTEN EGGS … 1 . Nea Shingler 2. Toby Cazolatto 3 Patrick Shelton Agar 4 Tiia Marsh
MUD BASHERS… 1 Teagan Guiness 2 Riley McFarlane 3 Tarren Arthur 4 Natalie Miller
KANGAROOS … 1 Zali McComb 2 Cayleb Fidge 3 Leith Soden 4 Justine Hobson


SELECTED A 1 Tara Melhuish 2 Angus Haines 3 Aston Key 4 Rachel Allen
SELECTED B 1 Caitlyn Young 2 Patrick Miller 3 Al George 4 Laurel Gannon

THE CURRIE PUFFS 1 Amy Enkelaar 2 Duncan Currie 3 Dante Afnan 4 Michaela Maynard
NOAHIDEA Sarah lim 2 Noah Poland 3 Tristan miller 4 Miho Yamazaki
LOLLIPOPS 1 Arabella Phillips 2 Daniel Gray 3 Joshua Allen 4 Lilly McFarlane
BCG (BOYS ONLY TEAM)  1 . Johann Burgess 2 Tom Kennedy 3 Jaiden Fidge 4 Alexander Battaglia