Round-up of Australian WOC and JWOC results

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The World Orienteering Championships in Estonia and the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Finland are now completed. A round-up of the Australian results is below.

World Orienteering Championships


Henry McNulty – 37th

Krystal Neumann – 39th

Natasha Key – mispunch in final

Belinda Lawford – 20th in qualifying

Simon Uppill – 21st in qualifying

Brodie Nankervis – 24th in qualifying

Sprint Relay

20th (Krystal Neumann, Henry McNulty, Simon Uppill, Natasha Key)


Bryan Keely – 39th

Matthew Crane – 45th

Natasha Key – 39th

Krystal Neumann – 42nd


Simon Uppill – 34th

Matthew Crane – 42nd

Belinda Lawford – 52nd

Bridget Anderson – 54th


Men – 18th (Simon Uppill, Henry McNulty, Matthew Crane)

Women – 23rd (Krystal Neumann, Belinda Lawford, Natasha Key)

Junior World Orienteering Championships


Joseph Dickinson – 8th B final

Patrick Jaffe – 10th B final

Simeon Burrill – 28th B final

Toby Wilson – 2nd C final

Jarrah Day – 3rd C final

Aston Key – mispunch in qualifier

Zoe Dowling – 17th B final

Asha Steer – 22nd B final

Winnie Oakhill – 37th B final

Rachel Allen – 42nd B final

Caroline Pigerre – 43rd B final

Tara Melhuish – 16th C final


Joseph Dickinson – 17th

Aston Key – 32nd

Simeon Burrill – 54th

Patrick Jaffe – 82nd

Toby Wilson – 88th

Jarrah Day – 128th

Tara Melhuish – 40th

Asha Steer – 66th

Zoe Dowling – 91st

Caroline Pigerre – 104th

Winnie Oakhill – 109th

Rachel Allen – 111th


Aston Key – 29th

Joseph Dickinson – 57th

Jarrah Day – 83rd

Patrick Jaffe – 90th

Simeon Burrill – 102nd

Toby Wilson – 122nd

Zoe Dowling – 60th

Tara Melhuish – 89th

Rachel Allen – 90th

Asha Steer – 92nd

Winnie Oakhill – 94th

Caroline Pigerre – 99th


Men – Australia 1 25th (18th nation), Australia 2 40th

Women – Australia 1 26th (16th nation), Australia 2 33rd