Silva Medal – 2017 – Progressive Scores after 3 Events

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The Silva Medal competition for 2017 is based on points for participating and placing in the Australian Championships ( Sprint, Medium and Long), and the Australian 3-Days Championships (each day considered as a separate event), (Elite and A classes in M/W16 and above).

Points are scored for completing a course as follows: 1st – 4; 2nd – 3; 3rd – 2 and 1 for finishing, 1 point if there are less than 4 starters.

This year the Statistician will attempt to prepare the results of the Silva medal competition in time for the presentation ceremony at the Australian Long Championships or failing that at the Australian Relays the next morning.

As part of this effort, progressive scores will be published after the Australian 3-Days Championships (below) and after the Australian Sprint and Medium Championship events.

The Statistician normally publishes runners who have amassed 20 points, so for this progressive list runners who have 8 points are included. These runners can theoretically achieve 20 points, most with low probability.

In recent years there has usually been a number of runners who have scored maximum points (this year 24 points) in 6 events. So as it stands, only the following runners can obtain maximum points:

  • Ann Ingwersen

  • Aston Key

  • Rebecca Minty

  • Tara Melhuish.

Of course if all four runners fail to win their 3 events at the Australian Championships carnival, then the Silva Medal will be won by someone reasonably high in the list below.

Darryl Erbacher