Archive of Australian Championship results now online

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The Australian Orienteering Championships have been taking place since 1971 (with some question marks about the official status of the 1971 event, which took place before Orienteering Australia was formed).

A file with the full set of results from the Long Distance event (which was the only all-ages individual event prior to 2006) is now available. This file is sorted by name (making it possible to check your career record, or to see that Hermann Wehner won his 22nd title this year). It is in a text, fixed-width format so can be readily imported into a spreadsheet if you want to sort it by other fields (e.g. year or club).

File with full set of results (approximately 2.1MB).

It is hoped to add the Middle and Sprint Championships results to this archive at a later date.

There will be cases where people have run under two or more different names, or where two people with the same name are mixed together in the file (in most cases it will be obvious which is which from the age group, the club or both).