Australian Team for World University Orienteering Championships

Ian ProsserUncategorized

Orienteering Australia is pleased to announce the team for the World University Orienteering Championships to be held in Finland in July. Each country gets four places in each individual race and athletes nominated the events they were interested in.
The team is:
Andrew Barnett (Middle, Long, Relay)
Aidan Dawson (Sprint, Sprint Relay, Relay2)
Matt Doyle (Sprint, Middle, Long, Relay)
Angus Haines (Sprint, Long, Relay2)
Henry McNulty (Sprint, Sprint Relay, Middle, Relay)
Toby Wilson (Middle, Long, Relay2)
Michele Dawson (Sprint, Sprint Relay, Long, Relay)
Anna Dowling (Relay2)
Caroline Pigerre (Middle, Long, Relay)
Olivia Sprod (Sprint, Middle, Long, Relay2)
Asha Steer (Sprint, Middle, Relay2)
Lanita Steer (Sprint, Sprint Relay, Middle, Long, Relay)

The team is provisional as Australian University Sports needs to endorse the team and verify that each athlete meets the university eligibility criteria. WUOC has become a prestigious event helping bridge the gap between JWOC and WOC so congratulations to all athletes.