2018 Silva Medal – Progressive Scores after Australian Sprint Distance Championships

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  1. 2018 Silva Medal – Progressive Scores after Australian Sprint Distance Championships

The Silva Medal competition for 2018 is based on points for participating and placing in the Australian Championships ( Sprint, Medium and Long), and the Australian 3-Days Championships (each day considered as a separate event) and the South Australian Championships (Elite and A classes in M/W16 and above).

Points are scored for completing a course as follows: 1st4; 2nd3; 3rd2 and 1 for finishing, 1 point if there are less than 4 starters.

One’s best 6 from the above 7 events are used to determine the winner of the Silva Medal.

Progressive scores after the Australian 3 Days, and the Middle and Sprint Distance Championships are published below.

The Statistician normally publishes runners who have amassed 20 points and above, so runners who have not yet acquired 12 points will not be included in the final list.

In recent years there has usually been a number of runners who have scored maximum points (24) in 6 of the events. A countback system based on winning margins is used to determine the winner.

It is probable that the winner will come from the list below. Of course if enough runners on the list fail to score significant points in the remaining events then others not on this short list could appear in the final list.

Jennifer Enderby is the only orienteer to have won all 5 relevant events conducted to date. However, as orienteers can discard their worst result others can still win the Silva Medal.

The list contains the following previous winners:

  • Warren Key MF.V 2013

  • Aston Key MF.V 2015

  • Ann Ingwersen PO.A 2017

  • Jenny Bourne EU.V 2009, 2012, 2016

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Jennifer Enderby NC N W50A 20
Jenny Bourne EU V W60A 19
Simon Uppill SW S M21E 18
Marina Iskhakova CC A W40A 18
Carol Brownlie WO W W65A 18
Mikaela Gray UG Q W16A 16
Carolyn Jackson BK V W60A 16
Warren Key MF V M55A 15
John Scown AO A M65A 14
Jenny Hawkins BS A W70A 14
Bruce Arthur MF V M40A 14
Valerie Brammall EV T W75A 13
Toni Brown BS A W55A 13
Scott Simson NC N M45A 13
Ruhi Afnan YA S M50A 13
Natasha Key VN V W21E 13
Matthew Crane CC A M21E 13
Matthew Cohen AL T M35A 13
Belinda Lawford CC A W21E 13
Andy Simpson BF N M50A 13
Ann Ingwersen PO A W75A 12
Zoe Melhuish CC A W20E 12
Venla-Linnea Karjalainen MF V W16A 12
Tara Melhuish CC A W20E 12
Shane Doyle UR N M50A 12
Greg Chatfield UG Q M70A 12
Gayle Quantock NC N W55A 12
Aston Key VN V M20E 12
Andrew Macken WR N M35A 12
Andrew Kerr PO A M16A 12