Silva Medal 2018

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Silva Medal 2018

The Silva Medal has been won by Jennifer Enderby NC.N for the second time. Congratulations Jennifer.

The Silva Medal competition for 2018 is based on points for participating and placing in the Australian Championships ( Sprint, Middle and Long), the Australian 3-Days Championships (each day considered as a separate event) and the Sourth Australian Middle Distance Championship (Elite and A classes in M/W16 and above). One’s best 6 events counts towards this award.

Points are scored for completing a course as follows: 1st – 4; 2nd – 3; 3rd – 2 and 1 for finishing, 1 point if there are less than 4 starters.
Jennifer won 6 of the 7 events scoring a maximum of 24 points. Marina Iskhakova and Jenny Bourne also won 6 of the 7 events but Jennifer has won on a countback based on average winning margins:

Jennifer Enderby 8.81%

Marina Iskhakova 8.23%

Jenny Bourne 7.40%

Full results are below.
Darryl Erbacher