2019 Silva Medal – Progress Scores after 4 events.

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2019Silva Medal

Progress Scores

The Silva Medal winner is the orienteer with the maximum number of

points accumulated from their best six events. In the event of a tie,

the Silva Medal will be determined by count back using the average of the six best winning margins.

In 2019 the relevant events will be:

  • 20 April Day 1 3-Days Scotts College

  • 21 April Day 2 3-Days Hill Park Dale

  • 22 April Day 3 3-Days Umuna

  • 26 April Australian Sprint Narrogin

  • 27 April Australian Middle Narrogin

  • 28 September Oceania Sprint Wagga

  • 29 September Australian Long Wagga

  • 5 October Oceania Long Wangaratta

  • 6 October Oceania Middle Beechworth

As there 9 qualifying events in 2019 it is expected there will be more runners than usual who will amass six wins. Winning margins will be crucial is determining the winner of the Silva Medal this year.

After 4 days of competition the leaders in the progressive scores are as below.

Darryl Erbacher