2019 Silva Medal – Progress Scores after 5 Events

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2019Silva Medal

Progress Scores

The Silva Medal winner is the orienteer with the maximum number of

points accumulated from their best six events. In the event of a tie,

the Silva Medal will be determined by count back using the average of the six best winning margins.

In 2019 the relevant events will be:

  • 20 April Day 1 3-Days Scotts College

  • 21 April Day 2 3-Days Hill Park Dale

  • 22 April Day 3 3-Days Umuna

  • 26 April Australian Sprint Narrogin

  • 27 April Australian Middle Narrogin

  • 28 September Oceania Sprint Wagga

  • 29 September Australian Long Wagga

  • 5 October Oceania Long Wangaratta

  • 6 October Oceania Middle Beechworth

As there 9 qualifying events in 2019 it is expected there will be more runners than usual who will amass six wins. Winning margins will be crucial is determining the winner of the Silva Medal this year.

After 5 days of competition the leaders in the progressive scores are as below.

Three orienteers are on maximum points so far and only have to win one of the remaining 4 events in September/October to have 6 wins and achieve maximum points.  Of course, any orienteer who has 2 wins so far can also gain maximum points.

It would appear that more than one orienteer will achieve maximum points and so a countback system based on winning margins may be required.

Darryl Erbacher


Stephen Craig NC N M50A 20
Robin Uppill OH S W65A 20
Bruce Arthur MF V M45A 20
Eoin Rothery BF N M60A 17
Craig Feuerherdt BG V M40A 17
Carolyn Jackson BK V W60A 17
Warren Key MF V M55A 16
Tara Melhuish CC A W20E 16
Natasha Key MF V W21E 16
Henry McNulty WN W M21E 16
David Stocks BS A M16A 16
Cath Chalmers BF N W50A 16
Martina Craig NC N W45A 15
Clare Hawthorne AL T W45A 15
Cathy McComb AL T W45A 15
Simon Uppill SW S M21E 14
Paul Hoopmann TJ S M70A 14
Darryl Erbacher PO A M75A 14
Ceri Pass KO W W40A 14
Anthea Feaver LO W W60A 14
Alex Tarr YV V M75A 14
Sue Hancock AL T W55A 13
Sten Claessens KO W M40A 13
Penny Dufty BO W W75A 13
Paul Pacque EV T M65A 13
Lois West BO W W70A 13
Karen Staudte LO W W50A 13
Jenny Bourne EU V W55A 13
Rachel West BO W W40A 12
Matthew Cohen AL T M40A 12
Justine Hobson BS A W16A 12
Judi Herkes BK V W75A 12
Dante Afnan SW S M20E 12
Bridget Anderson SW S W21E 12
Belinda Lawford CC A W21E 12
Adrian Uppill OH S M65A 12