Australian WOC history now online

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With the 2019 World Orienteering Championships set to start in Norway next week, Orienteering Australia has published a history of Australian WOC performances, since Rod Dominish became the first Australian to compete at WOC in 1972.

Hanny Allston remains Australia’s only medallist with her sprint gold in 2006. Four other Australians have top-ten individual results: Kathryn Ewels (Preston) (5th, 2009 sprint), Troy de Haas (7th, 2005 sprint), Grant Bluett (8th, 2003 sprint) and Natasha Key (10th, 2003 sprint). Australia’s best relay result was 4th for the women in 2006, through Jo Allison, Grace Elson (Crane) and Hanny Allston, while the men were 6th in 1981 and 2001.

Natasha Key has been in 10 WOC teams, with Jo Allison, Simon Uppill and Vanessa Round in 9. Uppill will make his 10th appearance next week, and with 29 WOC events already under his belt, is also expected to pass the Australian record of 30, held jointly by Key and Allston. Grant Bluett’s 8 WOCs are also noteworthy as most of his career took place when WOC was only held every second year.

A full list of Australian WOC results is here, and a summary of each team member’s results is here.