Australia – New Zealand Challenge Team Announced

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Orienteering Australia’s ANZ Challenge selection panel is pleased to announce the team for the age group classes.  The team was selected from the 119 nominations received in Eventor, where the nominees had also entered the same classes in the Oceania races, and was based on form from the last two national carnival events.

The team for each of the 4 disciplines is the same.

W16A Justine Hobson
W16A Zali McComb
W16A Ana Penck
W18A Serena Doyle
W18A Julia Gannon
W18A Nina Gannon
W40A Rachel West
W40A Tracy Marsh
W40A Marina Iskhakova
W45A Cathy McComb
W45A Clare Hawthorne
W45A Silke Speier
W50A Barbara Hill
W50A Jennifer Enderby
W50A Cath Chalmers
W55A Paula Shingler
W55A Toni Brown
W55A Ana Herceg
W60A Jenny Bourne
W60A Debbie Davey
W60A Hilary Wood
W70A Lois West
W70A Libby Meeking
W70A Jenny Hawkins
M16A David Stocks
M16A Toby Cazzolato
M16A Torren Arthur
M18A Mason Arthur
M18A Blake Reinbott
M18A Grant Reinbott
M40A Craig Feuerherdt
M40A Fedor Iskhakov
M40A Damien Enderby
M45A Bruce Arthur
M45A Matthew Stocks
M45A Craig Dufty
M50A Shane Doyle
M50A Jock Davis
M50A Michael Warlters
M55A Geoff Lawford
M55A Kenneth McLean
M55A Jemery Day
M60A Rob Vincent
M60A Eoin Rothery
M60A Jeff Dunn
M70A Steve Flick
M70A Tony Radford
M70A Paul Hoopmann

Australia’s Challenge Team Manager will be Orienteering Tasmania’s Kim Nankervis. Kim has previously managed an Australia Challenge Team in New Zealand. Kim can be contacted via

Kim will be responsible for organising the team and has a number of formal responsibilities under the Challenge rules (mostly relating to agreements between the countries on late team changes, etc.),  and any co-ordination matters of the relay teams, especially to sort out last minute team changes if there are any injuries to selected team members.

The senior elite selection panel have made the following selection of relay teams for both the ANZ Challenge and the Australian Bushrangers Team for the elite test match.

Matt Doyle
Brodie Nankervis
Simon Uppill

Bridget Anderson
Natasha Key
Krystal Neumann

The elite selection panel will look at the teams for the other races within this week. The above elite relay teams selections are being made public first so that the State relay selectors can make their own decisions.

The junior elite selection panel has selected the following athletes for the ANZ Challenge and for the relay in the ANZ elite test match:

Dante Afnan
Alistair George
Patrick Miller

Mikalya Cooper
Tara Melhuish
Zoe Melhuish

 Good Luck to all!