Silva Medal 2019 – Progress Scores After WA Carnival

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Silva Medal 2019

Progress Scores after Australian Easter Carnival in Perth

After the five events in Western Australia that contribute to the determination of the winner of the Silva Medal 34 orienteers from the list below below (but not all of them) can theoretically achieve six victories with four more events to be conducted at the Oceania Championships. That is, they have already achieved two or more victories. With 9 events used to calculate the Silva Medal this year the maximum points can be achieved with less that 6 victories provided significant points are achieved in events other than those won. Theoretically, 89 orienteers can reach maximum points at this time. Of course, it is expected that this list will reduce dramatically as events are concluded.

Three orienteers have achieved five victories. They only need to achieve one victory from the remaining four events to achieve six victories and score the maximum points. In the first weekend of the Oceania Championships 12 orienteers on the list can possibly reach maximum points.

It is highly likely that there will be more than one orienteer who will achieve maximum points and it is therefore expected that that the countback process based on average winning margins will apply.

The average winning margin for the leading three orienteers are:

  • Stephen Craig 23%

  • Bruce Arthur 16%

  • Robin Uppill 1%

Robin has had some narrow wins. Both Stephen and Bruce have had some good wins.

Progressive scores will be announced at the presentation for each event providing time allows between finalisation of the event and the presentation to carry out the calculations. Each night of the event an article will appear under News on the OA website.

Darryl Erbacher