Australian Bushrangers Team for Oceania Carnival

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Orienteering Australia is pleased to announce the Australian team for an elite test match against the New Zealand Pinestars at the Oceania Carnival. The test match will be conducted over Oceania sprint, relay, long and middle races; and the the Australian long champs. The number of competitors in each race is set by NZ as the visiting team.

The team is:
Bridget Anderson (all races)
Natasha Key (all races)
Krystal Neumann (all races)
Belinda Lawford (sprint, Oceania long, middle)
Aisllinn Prendergast (Aust and Oceania long)
Grace Crane (middle)

Matt Doyle (all races)
Brodie Nankervis (all races)
Simon Uppill (all races)
Matt Crane (sprint, Aust long)
Martin Dent (sprint, Aust long)
Aston Key (Oceania long, middle)

Mikayla Cooper (all races)
Zoe Melhuish (all races)
Tara Melhuish (Oceania champs races)
Ella Cuthbert (sprint, middle, Aust and Oceania long)
Caitlin Young (sprint, middle, Aust and Oceania long)
Joanna George (middle, Aust and Oceania long)
Abigail George (Aust long)
Arabella Phillips (sprint)

Dante Afnan (all races)
Alastair George (all races)
Patrick Miller (all races)
Angus Haines  (sprint, middle, Aust and Oceania long)
Alvin Craig (middle, Aust and Oceania long)
Duncan Currie (sprint)

Congratulations to all selected athletes.