Australian MTBO challenge team announced..

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The Australian v New Zealand MTBO Challenge will take place in conjunction with the Australian MTBO Championships from October 25-27 in Maryborough, Victoria.

New Zealand, as the visiting team, determined that the challenge would be contested over the following 8 classes:     W21; W40; W60; M21; M40; M50; M60; M70.

The challenge will be contested in all 4 Australian Championship competitions – the sprint, middle, long and mass start events.

The scoring system works as follows:

  • The times of the two fastest of the three team riders in each contested class are added to give the team time for the stage.
  • The nation with the lower team time is the winner of the class for that stage.
  • The nation with the most class wins over the four events triumphs.

The full AUS v NZL MTBO Challenge Rules are at the link below.

The Australian team to contest the Challenge is very strong, comprising of riders from all states & ACT.

Our M21 team all represented Australia at the elite World Championships in Denmark earlier this year, while Carolyn Jackson (in W21) has just returned victorious from the World Masters Championships last week in Germany.       Andrew Power (NSW) is the Australian team manager.

The team is listed below:

Name State Class
Tim Doman NSW M21
Ricky Thackray WA M21
Joel Young Q M21
Michael Ridley-Smith NSW M40
Ori Gudes NSW M40
Anthony Jones VIC M40
Andrew Power NSW M50
Hamish Mackie NSW M50
Ed Steenbergen VIC M50
Robert Vincent NSW M60
Darryl Smith TAS M60
Peter Cusworth VIC M60(M, L)
Bill Vandendool VIC M60(Mass, Spt)
Leigh Privett VIC M70
Rick Armstrong VIC M70
Reid Moran Q M70
Marina Iskhakova ACT W21
Kate Gavens VIC W21
Natasha Sparg WA W21 (Sprint)
Carolyn Jackson VIC W21(Ma, M, L)
Cathy Hogg ACT W40
Aurelia Strozik SA W40
Melissa Biviano VIC W40
Kay Haarsma SA W60
Heather Leslie VIC W60
Andrea Harris Q W60