2019 Australian Schools Honour Team

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Orienteering Australia is pleased to confirm the 2019 Australians Schools Orienteering Championships Honour Team as follows:

Junior Girls

Mikaela Gray (QLD), Milla Key (VIC)*, Iida Lehtonen (NSW), Nea Shingler (NSW)

Junior Boys

Torren Arthur (VIC), Aldo Bosman (WA), Alvin Craig (NSW), Sam Woolford (NSW)

Senior Girls

Mikayla Cooper (TAS), Ella Cuthbert (ACT), Zoe Melhuish (ACT), Caitlin Young (ACT)

Senior Boys

Dante Afnan (SA), Jensen Key (VIC), Grant Reinbott (QLD), David Stocks (ACT)

* Milla Key was the inaugural recipient of the Rob Simson Memorial Shield for the Best Newcomer. This was presented by Neil Simson on behalf of the Simson family, to acknowledge the work done by Rob Simson 31 years ago (in 1989) in establishing and championing what we now know as ASOC.

And for the Honour team, every state was represented at least once!

Congratulations to all on their selection.