Applications sought: Australian MTBO Team Coach & Team Manager

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Australian MTBO Team Coach & Team Manager positions for the 2020 World Championships team to the Czech Republic are sought.

Both officials will need to be overseas for about 2 weeks, approx. from 9-23 August, to allow for a training period before WOC.

The coach will conduct at least one training camp within Australia;  organise the 7 day pre-Championship training camp overseas and lead the team during the Championship week..

The position is voluntary in its nature.

However at least ¾  of the overseas flight costs to and from WOC and all expenses and on the ground costs there will be met, except for meals.

Some funding is available to support squad & team activities and coach expenses within Australia.

More details about this position: 2020 WOC MTBO Coach Position

The main roles of the manager are to:

-Co-ordinate the day to day arrangements of the Australian team (WMTBOC & JMTBOC team members) whilst they are overseas, both at the pre-champs training camp and at WMTBOC itself.

This specifically involves food, accommodation and travel needs.

-Manage the team budget on a daily basis and maintain financial records of items spent whilst overseas.                                                                                           All expenses for the 2 weeks in Czech Republic will be met.

More details about this position:    2020 WOC Manager Position

Applications due: December 13th.

Further information:   Kay Haarsma      0403 565 534