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Given the current situation  relating to the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), it has been decided that riders are no longer required to attend the April 4 & 5th MTBO events in the Beechworth (Vic) area for the MTBO WOC selection trials.

Although actual riding is not a health hazard most nominees will need to fly to the event, thus needing to go through crowded airports etc which would increase their exposure to the Covid19 virus.  This sees to be an unnecessary risk at this point in time.

Whether the actual WOC championships in the Czech Republic go ahead is still an unknown but is still some months off.  At this point it is known that all IOF events until May 31st have been cancelled or postponed. See for more information.

Orienteering Australia will NOT plan more selection trials but will keep in contact with prospective team members and keep them abreast of developments, both directly to each individual and through the normal OA media outlets.  We will be “generous” in team selection if WOC does go ahead.

Whether the actual MTBO events on April 4 & 5th are held will be decided soon by local organisers.

Kay Haarsma

OA MTBO Co-ordinator