Member Feedback Requested

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One of OA’s  Sport Core Funding Projects for 2020 is to review OA’s coaching syllabus at all levels, to update the content and to expand their scope beyond orienteering technique.

The current coaching syllabi for levels 1-3 were last reviewed in 2017, but the style and accessibility of the material was not improved at that time. It has also been observed that the syllabus of all levels is focused exclusively on orienteering technique, when there are several other critical components of the FTEM Pathway that now need to be included.

In preparation for the initial review process, and to support any proposed changes, OA’s Coaching Development Manager, Russell Blatchford  is seeking feedback from all orienteers aged 16+ years, on various aspects of the current coaching material content and the coaching accreditation process. Russell is especially keen to receive responses from Orienteering Australia’s younger members (16 ~ 25).

One lucky respondent will WIN either:

  1.  Free entry to the 2020 Australian National Long, Middle & Sprint Distance Championships (value $130), or
  2.  Free entry to the 2021 Australian 3 Days (value $135), or
  3. Free entry to the 2020 NSW Xmas 5 Days (estimated value $125).

(or 2021 equivalent depending upon the status of the OA Calendar as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic)
Another five survey respondents will also win a voucher for NSW O Gear, thanks to Peter Shepherd.
The survey will close on THURSDAY APRIL 30.
Complete the survey here.