Tax Deductable Donations through the Australian Sports Foundation

Paul Prudhoe2020 Archive, Administration, High Performance

The end of financial year is rapidly approaching with June 30 not far away, and OA is continuing its fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation to allow tax-deductible donations. Typically, June is the time when many community donors and philanthropists make their donations to the sports they support because from July 1, they will be able to lodge a tax receipt for their donations as part of their 2019-20 Tax Return. So why not donate to support an orienteering project now before it’s too late.


There are a range of fundraising projects available for you to choose from that will support Australia’s elite orienteers and OA itself. Many of these projects aim to help offset the high cost of our Senior and Junior elites representing Australia overseas. Information on the various projects can be found here.

Details of the 6 OA projects currently available  can be found on OA’s Donations page. Every donation counts, no matter how small and all donations are tax deductable, but need to be made by the end of this month if you’re looking to include it in your 2019-20 Tax Return.

While credit card donations can be made online up until 11.59pm 30 June, donors need to know the following dates and how to make donations by cheque, electronic transfer or with a manual donation form:

Final day for cheque donations to be made to a Westpac bank branch –

Last day to transfer funds via EFT –

All manual/hard copy donation forms to be uploaded via the ASF portal-

Last day to make credit card donations-


While on the topic of fundraising, if any orienteer is interested in helping with OA’s fundraising by developing, managing and promoting  OA’s fundraising ASF projects and working with the athletes to develop their own fundraising , please contact the OA Executive Officer