Orienteering Australia – urgently seeking new Board members

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Orienteering Australia is urgently seeking new Board members. We will have a number of vacant Board positions to be filled at the AGM at Easter. The Board consists of seven elected positions and only three existing Board members will be standing for re-election. (Blair Trewin and Bruce Bowen have reached their maximum terms under the new Constitution and are ineligible to stand for re-election).

Under the new structure, the Board is elected as a group and then elects its own Chair. The Board also determines which specific positions are to be created from amongst its membership, although it is expected that the existing positions of Technical, Finance and High Performance will be retained in some form.

If you are interested in contributing to the strategic direction, management and growth of orienteering in Australia, we would be very pleased to see you put yourself forward for election. Although past Board (or equivalent) experience at a State level can be advantageous, we have had many successful Board members in the past with no previous experience in orienteering administration. It is also definitely not a requirement to be a current or former high-level competitor.

There is a wide range of skills which will be useful to have within the OA Board. Some of the skill areas which would be particularly useful to us are:

  • Communications and marketing
  • Project management, both specifically in the IT area, and more generally
  • Finance and budgeting (note we are looking at outsourcing the bookkeeping part of the job)
  • Governance (a legal background may be useful here but is not essential)

We are seeking a Board with the best possible gender balance and therefore especially encourage female candidates to put themselves forward. We would also welcome younger Board candidates; we have had numerous Board members under 40 in the past.

Board meetings typically take place online one evening every 4-6 weeks. In normal circumstances, there is also the Annual Conference on a weekend in December, as well as the Annual General Meeting (normally at Easter).

The standard term of office is for three years (with a maximum of three terms). As a transitional arrangement, some of the positions elected at the 2021 AGM will expire after one or two years (we expect that two of the current Directors will stand for the two one-year positions).

If you would like to discuss a potential role on the Board further, please contact the current President, Blair Trewin, at president@orienteering.asn.au or 0413 849 309.

Nominations may be made by State Associations, or by existing Directors. If insufficient nominations are received by 7 March 2021 (28 days before the AGM), they may be made from the floor at the AGM. Nominations, indicating the nominator(s) and the nominee’s consent to the nomination, should be sent to the Executive Officer at eo@orienteering.asn.au.