2021 Family Training Camp during Easter 2021 Carnival Week

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EASTER CARNIVAL Family  Training Camp

Friday 2 April – Saturday 10 April

All juniors and their families are invited! And anyone who feels there’s room for improvement!

Here’s the carnival website


  • Those just starting,
  • Those feeling competitive, and
  • Those just wanting to socialise in the great outdoors!!

ONSW and OACT have combined to organise a series of great training sessions that combine the learnings from Easter races, bundled with lorry loads of practical fun activities (served up with a dash of Thierry theory).

The Championships areas are renowned for technical granite terrain, and for many up and coming juniors and their families, this will be a first time on this sort of map and into this region for orienteering.

The training allows for families to continue to holiday in the region throughout the week whilst being wrapped in the atmosphere of a national event.

No need to stay at the “training camp” venue. You can come to training on a sessional basis.

The week of fun will be sure to stretch and strengthen your bodies and minds before returning to school for Term 2.

We will be joined by families and friends from all states!


Register NOW.