Silva Medal 2021

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The Silva Medal is awarded to the Australian orienteer who best performs relative to their class in specified events.

Points are awarded for Days 1, 2 and 3 of the Australian 3-Days, Championship, the Australian Long Distance Championships, the Australian Middle Distance Championships, the Australian Sprint Championships, any State Championship conducted at the 3-Days carnival and the Australian Championships Carnival and the Asia Pacific Orienteering Championships or Oceania Championships (when conducted in Australia) as follows: 1st – 4 points, 2nd – 3 points, 3rd – 2 points, for otherwise finishing 1 point.

The Silva Medal winner is the orienteer with the maximum number of points accumulated from their best six events. In the event of a tie, the Silva Medal will be determined by count back using the average of the six best winning margins.
In 2021 the relevant events will be:
3 April Day 1 3-Days Noah’s Ark Ridge
4 April Day 2 3-Days Gumble Pinnacles
5 April Day 3 3-Days Gumble Pinnacles
25 September Australian Sprint University of Tasmania, Launceston
26 September Australian Middle Hunt Mine Creek, Goshen
2 October Australian Long Bells March, St Helens
3 October Tasmanian Middle Rajah Rock, Avoca

As there 7 qualifying events in 2021 it is expected there will be more than one runner who will amass six wins. Winning margins will be crucial is determining the winner of the Silva Medal this year.
Progressive scores will be published at events if possible or in the evening of each event.

After 3 events, 6 runners have maximum points (12) and are well on their way to gaining maximum points (24) from 3 of the last 4 events.

Warren Key             MF V M60A *
Marina Iskhakova  RR A W40A
Jenny Hawkins       BS A W75A
Greg Barbour          BF N M55A
Grant Bluett            AO A M45A
Chris Brown            EV T W60A
6 runners have 11 points (2 wins and a second) and so can reach maximum points by winning all the last 4 events.

Sue Key                  MF V W65A
Steve Flick             BN N M70A
Milla Key               MF V W16A
Matt Doyle            CC A M21E
Jennifer Enderby NC N W50A *
Gareth Candy       AO A M40A
Of course anyone with 2 wins can still reach maximum points no matter what their other result is.

* Previous winner of the Silva Medal

Darryl Erbacher

Orienteering Australia Statistician