Heading in the Right Direction: Why Schools Love the Fantastic New Orienteering Materials Available!

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In 2020, Orienteering Australia developed a National Sporting Schools Orienteering Curriculum. The two new and exciting programs, for Primary School (Years 3-6) and Secondary School (Years 7-8) students, will be launching in Term 2, 2021. The program delivery guide and resources were created in a rigorous review process, culminating in pilot programs run across Australia. The feedback from these pilots was outstanding, with teachers blown away about how orienteering could get an entire group participating. It was often noted that students who never participated in other sports not only participated, but excelled!

Both off­erings (Primary and Secondary) have been designed to give students the opportunity to sample a fun, safe and inclusive, modified Orienteering program on-site, in their school environment. They incorporate a series of user-friendly activities and support resources, which seamlessly align to the Australian Curriculum (Health and Physical Education and Mathematics), the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching and the Australian Physical Literacy Framework using engaging, group-based, modified Orienteering activities as the vehicle for learning. Furthermore, there are endless opportunities for variation and progression, with activities such as electronic timing, orienteering course setting and route choice analysis providing engaging and educational extension to the program.

The new materials will allow orienteering to be delivered by not only qualified orienteering coaches, but also by teachers with little or no Orienteering experience. As part of the orienteering in schools packages available, all delivery support resources, training, maps and equipment can be provided. Orienteering uniquely challenges participants both physically and mentally, being suitable for EVERY school and EVERY student!

What’s more, the program can be delivered with funding from Sporting Schools, Australia’s largest school-based sports participation program, designed to foster a lifelong interest in sport and physical activity. Sport Australia funding allows approved programs to be delivered in schools FREE OF CHARGE – covering the purchase of equipment and resources, as well as paying for coaches, if required. In the past Sporting School funding has only been available for primary schools, but from Term 2 onwards Orienteering Australia will be delivering targeted secondary school programs for years 7 and 8, particularly to those students inactive or not engaged in mainstream sports!

Want to find out more about this exciting new opportunity for meaningful participation in sport at your school? Visit the  Orienteering page on the Sporting Schools website and check out the Sporting Schools page on Orienteering Australia’s website to contact your State / Territory Orienteering Association for program information (including costings).